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Carbon sieves – coal screen

We offer sieves for coal screening the selected material and dividing it into fractions according to the customer’s needs. They are mainly used in mines and in all plants dealing with raw materials processing. We guarantee that each sieve for carbon ensures constant sieving sharpness. Our products are made of durable, resistant to high-strength materials and are able to work in difficult conditions. Specially constructed meshes do not get clogged, they remain clean, thanks to which sieving and fine separation takes place without any downtime.

We provide professional advice related to the selection of the right type of sieve for specific applications. Our products have a full warranty and all certificates required by current law. Each coal screen is made of high quality abrasion resistant steel, which guarantees extended life. The sieves are available in standard sizes or specified by the customer. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of our industrial screens.