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Steel and metal sieves

Steel sieves supplied by us are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Thanks to this, they show competitive parameters and are prepared for many years of exploitation. The most frequent customers of our sieves are clients from the chemical, food, industrial and construction industries, but they are also useful in other branches of production. Due to their durability and many possible applications, steel screens are a popular product in almost every area of ​​the manufacturing industry.

The steel sieve available in our store can be made in various ways. We have braided, slit, stringed, harp, embossed and heated versions. Depending on the needs of customers, we provide sieves with various specifications, designed for special tasks.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of steel screens, and if interested, we encourage you to contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to help you choose and provide more information about products.