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Braided sieves, plaited mesh

Braided sieve is one of the most commonly used types of steel industrial sieves. Their high versatility and the increased number of possible applications that goes along with it have a significant impact on it.

The construction of braided sieves is extremely simple, and what makes it particularly outstanding in comparison to other solutions available in our offer is the relatively large open area of ​​their structures.

As part of our range, we provide you with a wide range of functional and extremely durable construction of woven sieves. Depending on the client’s needs, we are able to offer products in single- and multi-trellis variants, with single or multiple interlace and equipped with square or rectangular meshes.

Among the most common examples of the use of such meshes can be mentioned, for example, all kinds of mechanical screening, separation and filtration procedures. In addition, braided screens from our offer can also be used in the form of protective grilles and various construction elements included in industrial machines.

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