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Polyurethane sieves for screens

As part of our offer, we also offer polyurethane screens, which, like rubber sieves, can be an excellent replacement for analogous products made of metal.

When it comes to properties, our sieve screens are characterized by:

  • high resistance to friction and mechanical damage, as well as the lack of corrosion process within the material structure, which ultimately translates into long-term life of polyurethane screens, even as part of their regular and intensive use,
  • ergonomically designed net shape, allowing to obtain the effect of self-cleaning and significantly reducing the risk of entrapment of particles of the screened material within individual meshes,
  • increased comfort of video operators, possible to achieve thanks to lower noise and dust generated during work,
  • a wide and comprehensive range of the available offer, thanks to which it is easy to match the product suitable for the clients’ needs, ensuring a convenient assembly, possible to carry out without the need to make significant changes in the construction of industrial machines.

The polyurethane screens we offer have many applications. They are mainly used – in the form of subassemblies for various types of sorters and screens – for classifying (both wet and dry) individual mineral raw materials as well as for refining, dewatering and desludging of materials such as broken aggregates, coal, slag, ores iron and many other substances with a grainy consistency.

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